Oracle Siebel CRM consolidates customer-facing processes into a single customer relationship management platform. It provides businesses with a centralized repository of customer data and interactions, thus helping companies to make more informed decisions across sales, service, and marketing teams.

With extensive Siebel implementation and upgrade expertise, Our Siebel CRM implementation services help companies build end-to-end business processes by assembling prepackaged components and combining them with their custom components. RMR helps businesses to deliver fast and customized solutions and keep pace with shifting business demands by leveraging reusable and modular components


  • Objective and goals
  • Study the current IT systems and business process
  • Product and Business Gap Analysis
  • CRM requirements mapping to organizational objectives
  • Define integration needs for legacy and other applications
  • Identify executive information needs
  • Determine networking and IT infrastructure requirements
  • Define end-to-end CRM solution
  • CRM product evaluation
  • Implementation planning


  • Change Management / Change Integration
  • System Integration with legacy & other applications
  • Customization (Business Analysis, High-Level Design, Development)
  • Package Implementation (phased approach)
  • Testing: Unit, Integration, System, and User Acceptance
  • User Training
  • Post-Implementation support
  • Implementation of business verticals