Sales Force

One of the key factors in ensuring the success of your Salesforce (SFDC) implementation is doing the first step properly – The business Process planning and mapping exercise

Planning Process

A successful SFDC implementation depends on a detailed planning process at the outset of the project where business needs and processes are mapped to the SFDC solution. But the process does not end with the initial rollout of SFDC. It must be a continuous and iterative process that evolves as your business advances, adjusting to new challenges or opportunities across your organization.


At RMR, we have extensive experience helping companies, across business verticals, in tailoring their business requirements to address the needs around sales, customer service and marketing, as part of their SFDC implementations. As part of the SFDC Implementation we assist and advise the client in all aspects of project lifecycle including End-User and Admin-User Training, Go-Live Support, Ongoing Maintenance & Support etc.

In our experience implementing and institutionalizing in any organization is an ongoing and continuous activity. Our experienced resources are aligned with clients to ensure this happens. As part of the implementation services our certified SFDC consultant will


RMR’s experience in being able to deliver complex integrations across multiple back-end applications has enabled many customers in achieving significant business benefits. Our knowledge of integration capabilities coupled with our expertise in building native or middleware-based interfaces – has given us exposure to linking to SAP, Oracle ERP, Fidelio/Opera, EC2, etc.