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Big Data

RAMER helps organizations reap timely, cost-effective, and actionable insights from the high volume and velocity of enterprise data and transform them into revenue streams.

RAMER big data services enable corporations to plan, develop and implement Big Data strategy thereby optimizing existing systems and processes and driving their critical business functions.

RAMER optimizes your enterprise value, redefines data management, augments data security, and offers incisive business insights to facilitate informed decision-making.

Driven by profound capabilities and cross-industry experience in handling complex enterprise analytics, we synergistically combine the maturity of our processes and the strengths of our high-caliber resources to generate actionable insights for businesses to help them do business efficiently and effectively.

Helps define Big Data strategy and select appropriate technologies and vendors based on requirements and budget

Business Imperatives

Enterprise data has undergone a world of change in recent times. As per an estimate as of 2012, each day witnessed the creation of 2.5 exabytes of data.

Insights into customers, verticals, employees, market dynamics, and one’s own internal processes and are critically required to outperform competitors.

Therefore, organizations must handle voluminous structured and unstructured data in varied formats for deriving actionable insights.

Data-driven information is the bedrock for organizations. Towards this direction, Big Data offers a paradigm shift in the way data is explored, analyzed, and consumed and it represents both exciting opportunities and associated formidable challenges in a Zettabyte Age.