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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Is human interaction with customers becoming a problem? In today’s world, most customer interactions require human interaction, including email, social media conversations, telephone calls, and online chat. However, with AI, companies can automate many of these communications. RMR helps you with this by analyzing data from previous communications, accurately responding to customers, and dealing with their inquiries. Further, we can combine AI with machine learning, to make the platforms interact, even more, becoming even better at communicating with the customer.

Our services help you with supply chain management, to testing and monitoring food safety products at every step of the supply chain. It helps in creating more accurate forecasts to help manage pricing and inventory, while it also tracks products in stock transfer. Another key element of the supply chain in the food industry is ensuring that the food is transported safely.

Using our knowledge and skills, we can keep a track of your customers, their likes, and choices, which are important metrics to predict sales. By using this, you can identify your main customers with their repeat purchases and hence, can stock up the inventories. You can also predict your customer’s taste and modes of purchase, by using data analytics to go through your customer’s activity and categorize it into positive, negative, or neutral responses.

We can build security systems that can combine surveillance cameras and facial recognition to scan the faces of shoppers to identify suspicious characters and potential shoplifters. Innovative facial security could be especially useful to handle sensitive data and to keep tight controls on who enters their facilities.