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Open Source Technologies

Organizations, both big and small, are increasingly adopting open source technologies. Not only is open source inexpensive, it is also very flexible and lends itself to adaptation quite easily. RMR was founded in 2009 with the objective of providing the best IT solutions and services using “Nothing But Open Source” technologies. We have stood by our motto, “Always on The Cutting Edge” since our inception, and constantly keep our arsenal of capability stocked with the latest in technology and processes.

RMR is a vibrant company with a strong history of associating with companies of all shapes and sizes. Open Source and startups go together, and RMR has helped many startups with IT solutions.

We also work with global conglomerates, so whatever needs a company may have, RMR is able to address them all with the very best standards possible. From bootstrapping startups to setting up and maintaining frameworks for behemoths, our portfolio is as varied as it gets.

Our technology architects are experts on a wide range of technologies, and their capabilities keep expanding along with newly emerging technologies.